FEATURE: Infernal Outcry - Mass Extinction Requiem I (stream)

17 March 2016 | 11:59 am | Staff Writer
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Killyourstereo.com streams Infernal Outcry's ''Mass Extinction Requiem I'.

If local metal stalwarts Psycroptic have taught us a thing or two, it's that listeners should always keep one ear directed at our southernmost state.

Infernal Outcry are one of the latest bands to grace the Australian metal scene. This Friday, the band release their new EP, 'Mass Extinction Requiem I'. Described as "luring the listener into a diverse musical landscape," the EP was created following a generous grant from the Tasmanian Regional Arts Fund.

Moreover, the band presents a strong themes-based release with their new EP, which focuses specifically on the dangers of over-population.

"The lyrics to our song “Collapse & Transformation: I. Collapse” were inspired by the book Requiem for a Species by Clive Hamilton. The main lyrical theme in this song is the lack of sustainability of human societies generally, in which overpopulation is always the biggest key factor. The shift in western society’s philosophy several hundred years ago from a paradigm of superstition to one of scientific disconnection from the natural world has had disastrous environmental consequences. Plundering of resources became the focus, and consequently there was a lack of respect for the natural ecosystem," an extract from a band statement reads.

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'Mass Extinction Requiem I' is due out March 18. Further information is available via: http://www.infernaloutcry.com.au.