FANGZ Frontman Cracks Record For Most Hard-boiled Eggs Eaten In One Sitting

23 June 2023 | 9:40 am | Mary Varvaris

Here's where you can watch the disgustingly eggs-traordinary video.

FANGZ vocalist Josh Cottreau with a mouthful of egg

FANGZ vocalist Josh Cottreau with a mouthful of egg (Source: YouTube)


When it came time to promote FANGZ’ new single, Let’s Talk, vocalist Josh Cottreau didn’t want to offer the usual press release about the song’s meaning. Instead, he tried to break a Guinness World Record, attempting to break the record for the most hard-boiled eggs eaten in one sitting. Egg-cellent.

"After many attempts at releasing music to leave our mark on the world, we had the idea to try and cement our legacy in the Guinness Book of World Records,” Cottreau said in a press release. “We had to choose a record, and it took us months to find the correct one.

“It was late one evening, and the 1967 prison drama Cool Hand Luke was on free-to-air TV. Paul Newman (the salad dressing guy) attempted to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in one sitting, and I thought, 'Yeah, I could do heaps more'. Fast forward to the present day, and I'm now a world record holder. The day after filming, we flew to Brissy, and the smell on the luxury Virgin aircraft was horrendous."

Man eats 143 hard boiled eggs

Congratulations to our frontman, Joshua Cottreau, who is now the Guinness book of World Records holder for most hard boiled eggs eaten in one sitting, at 143 in three minutes 🥚 📷 High Voltage Photography

Posted by FANGZ on Thursday, June 22, 2023

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Cottreau’s win beats the previous record held by Radcliff man Joey Chestnut, who devoured 141 eggs in eight minutes. Cottreau ate 143 eggs in under four minutes – you can watch the eggs-traordinary video below.

Cottreau’s record-breaking feat arrives as FANGZ release their eggs-quisite new single, Let’s Talk, which soundtracks the band’s singer ploughing through over a hundred eggs.

Produced by Tim Maxwell (LOSER), Let's Talk is a signature explosive track from FANGZ. Jameel Majam shines a light on the meaning behind the song:

"Let's Talk is about getting over the reluctance to ask for help. Getting out of your head and silencing the inner fear of rejection. I wish I had realised earlier that without a good support network, it's hard to do anything. The song also opened my eyes to being a present and active friend to the people around me."

To celebrate the release of Let’s Talk and Cottreau’s attempt to break a world record, FANGZ caught the attention of Aussies Nikki Webster, Schapelle Corby, and triple j listeners such as Jayden from Broadbeach, all of whom were more than happy to egg him on on Instagram and by blowing up the triple j textline. 

The Guinness Book of World Records stated that their “legal team will be in touch”.

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