Falls Unveil Boogie Nights Program

20 August 2012 | 1:12 pm | Dan Condon

Music to make you dance and plenty of weird shit to keep you smiling.

More The Bamboos More The Bamboos

Another round of acts has been announced for the already enormous Falls Festival this afternoon, with some acts who will help loosen your legs and send you to the dance floor, as well as plenty of party starting sideshow acts, incorporating break dancing, hula-hooping and general merriment raising antics. These acts will play what is being dubbed as Boogie Nights and will be the opening night of the festival in both Lorne and Marion Bay.

Listen to our Falls playlist while you get in the mood.

Getting you up and dancing on the first night of the Falls Festival will be Melbourne funk sensations The Bamboos, the Havana channeling The Cuban Brothers, the crazy Legs Akimbo, circus Queen Anna Lumb (with DJ Lazer Ferrari), as well as resident DJs Russ Dewbury and DJ Manchild (Marion Bay) and Chris Gill and Mohair Slim (Lorne).

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Lorne audiences also have the very exciting prospect of witnessing the mighty Muscles on the first night of this year's event as well as the intensely energetic Furnace & The Fundamentals.

Tickets for the Lorne event are sold out, but there are still some remaining for Marion Bay. Organisers have also made a point of mentioning there are far more flights heading down from the mainland this year, so getting a flight out to be a little more affordable.

Where would one go to read about, watch and hear the latest and greatest acts playing this year's Falls Festival? It's gotta be theMusic's dedicated minisites. Get in touch with Lorne and Marion Bay respectively.