Seven More Acts For Falls

11 July 2012 | 5:00 pm | Dan Condon

Hot Chip and Maximo Park lead the international contingent of a big second announcement!

More Hot Chip More Hot Chip

The good people at the Falls Festival have wasted no time in announcing another seven acts to join their festival bill after revealing the first handful of acts just last week!

It's quite astonishing to be able to say that this announcement packs the same kind of quality punch that last week's did; the acts announced are a little different but really no less impressive.

Our updated Falls playlist is here!

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Their In Our Heads record, which has just been released, goes to prove that Hot Chip are just as relevant as they always have been in 2012. Few acts can get dance floors pumping in quite the same way as these Brits and you can bet that classic tunes like Over and Over, Ready For The Floor and One Pure Thought are going to send the Falls crowd absolutely wild this New Year's.


It's simply been far too long since we got to see the exhilarating indie rock of Maximo Park live on an Australian stage, but we're very pleased to be able to announce that they make their return for this year's Falls Festival. They have a new record in The National Health tucked under their arm and, frankly, their live show speaks for itself, as anyone who has had the pleasure of witnessing them in the past will gladly attest to.


Seriously, what do you want us to tell you about this band? The Hilltop Hoods are the undisputed kings of Australian hip hop nowadays and the Adelaide trio just keeps delivering year after year. This year has been a big one with Drinking From The Sun, their latest album, selling enormous numbers of copies after which the band set out on a huge touring regime which saw them play in front of a disgusting number of people. They will tear Falls apart when they return this year.


We were very excited to hear that Orlando Higginbottom – aka Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – was going to be in the country early this year and majorly sad when he had to pull the pin on that tour, but he's remained true to his word and will be hitting Australia for the Falls Festival next year. He's done everything from record with the great Damon Albarn to remix the great (in her own special way) Katy Perry as well as constructing some seriously impressive house and techno inspired tunes of his own and he'll be at Falls to prove he can do it live.


They impressed thousands when they were here alongside the UK's Elbow not very long ago at all and Falls organisers must have been in awe because now they've asked Bombay Bicycle Club to come on board for this year's event. There is a kind of brooding that goes along with their brand of indie rock that gives it a sense of depth and they will add a distinct flavour to Falls this year.


Two young Swedish sisters post themselves singing on YouTube, get discovered, become really popular. Sounds simple, but fact is First Aid Kit have really been slogging it out for the past few years to not just get their music in front of a huge number of people all around the world, but also to legitimize their career somewhat and prove that they have serious talent, they're no novelty. Their The Lion's Roar album of early this year is a stunner and the shows they played in support of it out here were equally captivating; they're the most sedate name on this year's bill so far and they could well use that to their favour.


These four Brisbane dudes have seemingly come out of nowhere to take the country's indie-rock scene by the nuts and show it who's boss… or something like that. They have just dropped their debut EP and you can bet that there is plenty more excitement to come out of the Millions camp in the foreseeable future, including a date with the Falls Festival this year.