Fake Mark Ronson Gig Promoter To Face Trial

25 January 2016 | 5:10 pm | Staff Writer

He's pleaded not guilty

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Back in July 2015, giddy Perth punters thought they would be catching Mark Ronson playing a DJ set at a small club, only to find out Ronson knew nothing about the show at all — when he did find out, the English DJ took to Twitter to flame the promoter for the "fake gig". 

Having been charged back in September, ABC reports that 34-year-old promoter Peter Ling Zu Lessnau would now stand trial in Perth over three fraud charges for the falsely advertised show. 

Lessnau has pleaded not guilty to three fraud charges relating to allegations he entered into a contractual arrangement to have Ronson appear at Matisse Beach Club, though it is alleged that Lessnau had no connection to Ronson or his management.

Lessnau's bail has been renewed until his hearing in May.

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