EyeHateGod Tour Officially Cancelled As Band 'Left Stranded'

16 January 2014 | 1:22 pm | Staff Writer

War of words continues

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The planned anniversary tour from American metal veterans EyeHateGod has officially been cancelled after the band were unable to get on their flight to Australia.

The tour had come under serious doubt earlier this week when the band told fans they wouldn't be coming, blaming promoters Heathen Skulls. In turn Heathen's Robert McManus laid the blame at the feet of an airline company.

In a second statement the band claimed that they had been left stranded at the airport with flights not having been booked.

“We were literally left standing with passports in hand but no way to travel,” they wrote.

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Amongst the to-and-fro the tour has now officially been cancelled, with Heathen Skulls apologising in a statement.

“With various complications relating to their flights, and not enough time left at check in to rectify the situation, the band wasn't able to board their flight to Australia,” it read. “Every effort was made to book the band new flights and get them out to Australia the following day, but at this late stage, with so little flights available, we have exhausted all possibility of salvaging the tour and getting the band back out to Australia. And we tried everything.”

The planned Perth date had been postponed while alternate flights were sought, but the whole run has now been scrapped.

“The band has now scheduled additional US dates to replace the Australian tour,” said Heathen's statement. “Apologies to the band and all those inconvenienced, most notably their fans, Heathen Skulls would have liked nothing more than to have continued the tour, but unfortunately, at this late stage, this was not to be the case.”

EyeHateGod's full statement read, “Due to poor planning by the Australian booking agent, Eyehategod are sorry to say our Australian tour is now cancelled. We were left at the airport without our flights booked and then were expected to pay for them out of pocket an hour before boarding time.

“We were literally left standing with passports in hand but no way to travel. Many, many apologies to our Australian friends and fans. We will be back as soon as we can. Please understand this is not our fault. Eyehategod loves Australia and were super excited to come back over.”

Refunds are now available from point of purchase.