Nine's Excess Baggage Ends With A Whimper

30 March 2012 | 12:30 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Channel Nine's failed celebrity weight loss show ended last night with disastrously poor ratings, putting more pressure on The Voice.

The show managed to pull in just 95,000 viewers, according to Mumbrella, ranking a lowly 53rd on the night. Originally on Nine, dwindling ratings saw the show moved to digital channel Go!, but the move failed to steady the ratings.

It was originally intended to go head-to-head with Network Ten's The Biggest Loser, but was convincingly trumped by the more established weight-loss show. Last night Biggest Loser pulled in 691,000 viewers to be the seventh ranked show on the night.

Once again, Channel Seven's combination of Seven News and Today Tonight won the night for them. The News was top, attracting 1,133,000 viewers – the only show to top the one million mark last night.

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Channel Nine's next reality TV hope is talent quest The Voice which, like Excess Baggage, is going head-to-head with a direct competitor, in the form of Australia's Got Talent.

They'll be hoping it has more success in breaking the network's rating drought.