EODM Frontman Proposed To His Girlfriend On Stage In WA Last Night

30 March 2016 | 9:37 am | Neil GriffithsMark Beresford

That's a pretty unique way to do it.

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Eagles Of Death Metal put on one hell of a show in Fremantle last night and not just because they put on a stellar performance, but also because frontman Jesse Hughes shocked the crowd when he proposed to his girlfriend, Tuesday Cross, on stage. 

According to theMusic's Mark Beresford, who was in attendance at Metropolis last night for the band's Bluesfest sideshow, the 43-year-old singer invited Cross from behind the keyboard, after she performed with the band for their track Complexity, to the middle of the stage where he pulled a ring from his back pocket, dropped to one knee and quickly blurted out, "Tuesday, will you marry me?"

Our reviewer reports that the crowd erupted after Cross accepted his proposal and "what followed at that point was almost a blur, the band were unable to wipe the smiles from their faces as they played up the room with their charming animated antics and frank adoration of their fans, all while delivering a full force rock’n’roll sermon."

Cross spent the remainder of the show on the side of the stage crying and phoning people as the band played out the rest of their set. 

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In an interview with theMusic last year, Hughes, who is an ordained minister with the Universal One Church, said he takes marriage very seriously. 

"I'm very fuckin' uncompromising," Hughes said last September.

"I've married about ten couples and I've refused to marry about three. Because marriage is a holy contract that has been given to us by God and it's not a fucking joke by any stretch of the imagination. If I don't feel like the couples are ready to take this shit seriously then I'm really not interested, in any way, in being a part of it.

"Because what they're asking me to do is stand before God and ask for his endorsement of their union," He said, adding, "I'm gonna have to stand before God when I die and explain to him all my actions, and there's some shit I just don't wanna have to explain."

The news comes just months after Hughes and his fellow band members were directly involved in the horrific Paris attacks last November, where three gunmen opened fire during their show at the Bataclan Hall.