Endwell no longer a touring band

26 March 2012 | 11:59 pm | Staff Writer
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Endwell have announced that the band is not planning on breaking up, but will no longer be a touring band (although they have expressed interest in touring Australia), and instead will be a studio band that plays occasional shows.

Endwell have announced that the band is not planning on breaking up, but will no longer be a touring band (although they have expressed interest in touring Australia), and instead will be a studio band that plays occasional shows.

The band's front man Sean Murphy has issued the following statement:

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"I'm sure everyone has noticed that things have been quiet in the Endwell camp lately. I felt like it was time to let you guys in on what's been going on. Around the time we started writing Punishment things started to go haywire. Danny, the only original member of the band (from 03...I joined in December 2005) decided it was time to back to school. In doing so he also decided that it was time for him to split from the band. I couldn't allow Endwell continue on without him, so after some lengthy discussions we decided to keep it going, even though Danny wouldn't be able to tour until he was finished with school, he and I would still be the primary songwriters for the album. We had a new found drive and passion for the material we were writing and things were going great. Once the record was done we had about 6 months off. In this time Matty (Realbad) started touring with our brothers in Deez Nuts. At the same time Scuzz & Pieter both started playing with This Is Hell. At first things were great, the guys had stuff to do in the off time and we had plans to start the touring cycle in early 2011. As that time approached it became more and more obvious that it would be impossible to maintain a healthy touring cycle while our guys were committed to other bands, and the fact of the matter is those bands had some cool offers coming in & they lost their passion for Endwell. The last thing we want/wanted to do is find 3 new members. On top of everything the game has changed. If you aren't consistently on tour nowadays it's nearly impossible to land a decent one. With everything up in the air and Danny having just returned from school ready to jump back into touring full time again it was a pretty miserable time for the two of us. As the months went on we tried setting up DIY tours or jumping on a few weeks here and there but it became increasingly difficult to get all our guys on the same page and available for more than 3 days at a time. Bottom line we have tried countless times in the past year and a half to get back on the road and it just was not happening.

After numerous long talks with Danny we've decided that we ARE NOT breaking up the band...in fact we might be around forever. What we have decided to do is essentially retire Endwell as a touring act but continue on as a studio band that plays occasional shows. As of 2012 Endwell is Danny Pupplo & myself, who do about 95% of the writing anyway. We'll still play shows here and there if our friends are putting some cool gigs together and we are open to any tour offers, if it's cool and we can pull it together it'll happen. We'd love to make it to Australia, Japan, Mexico & all the other spots we haven't had the pleasure to play yet. If you'd like to be a part of making that happen please get in touch with us through my email SeanMurphy345@Gmail.com

I could sit here and thank everyone we've ever known but were not nailing the coffin closed yet. Furthermore anyone who has kept up with us over the past 6 years or so is no stranger to us experimenting with different styles of music whether it be hardcore, metal, ambient, black metal, pop, rock and roll whatever. One thing I can assure you is that the progression of our material will not stop. We're going to keep getting weirder, heavier, lighter…we're going to continue to write and play whatever the fuck we feel like writing and playing. Bringing an end to our touring career will at least give us more time and freedom to create. We plan on releasing at least one EP and possibly a full length or a collection of EP's by the end of the year. We ALSO have a new version of "Sympathy For All Sufferers" from the Revenge EP that we tracked while recording Punishment that we'll be releasing online real soon. Other than that Danny and myself have quite a few projects in the works, separately, as well as working together. We've spent the last 4 months or so in the studio grinding away at these projects so we're eager for them to see the light of day and that's all I'm really going to say about that. Thank you for keeping up with us. We hope to see you guys in the near future, on the road, online, in your headphones or through any other new form of communication technology might muster up in the coming months."