Sony Artist Emalia Drops New Track: 'This Is Definitely One Of My Favourites'

24 July 2020 | 9:50 am | Neil Griffiths

"This song represents those moments when you say ‘screw it’ and go for it anyway."

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Sydney artist and Sony Music signing Emalia has today dropped her brand new single, Suga Rush.

The emerging R&B singer's latest track is also expected to feature on her forthcoming EP.

"I personally have a huge sweet tooth, and this type of situation reminded me of those moments you let loose on your favourite dessert or sweet treat, only to regret it a few hours afterwards," Emalia told The Music.

"I was always that kid that had one sip of red cordial and had the ‘zoomies’ for an hour, before crashing hard.

"Sugar overload can be fun in the moment, I find I usually regret it after the fact. You get those headaches, tooth aches, stomach aches, the come down, all the fun stuff. You find similar things in toxic relationships, it comes with the sweet and the sour. But it’s so yummy and delicious in the sweet moments, how can you not indulge yourself and make the most of the sugar high while it lasts?

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"This song represents those moments when you say ‘screw it’ and go for it anyway. You almost always do it again and again, despite knowing the consequences. I assure you almost every time, I’ll say yes to the chocolate milkshake, despite my lactose intolerance."

Suga Rush was co-written and produced by local musician Thom Crawford, which Emalia said happened "super organically".

"I think we worked on it on a few separate occasions after that trying to get everything right, we would send each other ideas back and forth via email," she said.

"When he sent me the outro breakdown he’d come up with, I was on the train on my way to work and lost my shit in the quiet carriage. It was a very exciting moment for me. I can’t help but dance whenever it plays.

"From there, we sent it to my exec producer, the incredible One Above, he added his magic, and I knew right away I wanted to go in and cut final vocals. This is definitely one of my favourites from the upcoming EP."