How A Near-death Experience Inspired Fremantle Artist Elli Schoen's New Song

5 July 2019 | 7:20 pm | Lauren Baxter

"It really shakes you up."

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The new single from emerging Fremantle singer-songwriter Elli Schoen is the result of a terrifying near-death experience.

The foundations of Baby Face were laid when Schoen awoke in hospital on New Year’s Day.

Speaking with The Music, she relayed the close call in detail, explaining what she learnt from the experience, as portrayed in her new single:

"I was toying with what direction I was going to go in life and whether to keep doing the music thing because I just felt like I was a little bit stuck. So I went out and I had a bunch of things go wrong that day... all these things were just stopping me from coming back to Fremantle. That night I went out and, you know, had a few too many drinks, tequila, and I went swimming and woke up in hospital. 

"It was a real shock to the system because I had obviously drunk so much sea water and I've never really been in that place where I was faced with whether I was going to survive or not. It was really freaky and it got a lot of songs going and I just realised how much I wanted to continue with music. When you're faced with, I don't know, a choice whether you're on the planet or not, it made me realise that it's a pretty amazing gift that I can play and write. So I turned it into a song. My best friends are super important to me and the reason that I am who I am. So I wrote a song about them and how important friendship is. 

"Sometimes you get lost as to why you're doing it all in the first place. The music industry can sometimes swallow you whole. You feel like you're doing it for everyone else instead of doing it for yourself. Sometimes you lose your authenticity and you lose who you are. Something like that happens to you and you're like, 'Oh wait a second.' It really shakes you up and makes you realise, 'This is who I am. This is what I wanna do.' It makes it much more important. 

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"This track is the first track where I feel I'm being really authentically myself. 

"In the chorus, it says 'slow down'. Especially with social media and growing up, you feel like you're a clock ticking. 'If you don't get there when you're young, you're never going to get there.' It's such a lie you tell yourself... and you feel so scared. But things take time and you're allowed to get there whatever time you want. 

"That's what I'd tell myself, just chill out and let it unravel and it's ok to take your time."

Schoen gives Baby Face at hometown launch at Mojo’s Bar on August 3.