Electrik Dynamite welcome new vocalist

8 March 2016 | 5:28 pm | Staff Writer
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Local metal staples Electrik Dynamite have said goodbye to their longtime vocalist, with the band simultaneously announcing their replacement.

Local metal staples Electrik Dynamite have said goodbye to their longtime vocalist, with the band simultaneously announcing a replacement.

Due to "real estate problems" Dan Brittain has departed the Melbourne based band, with the musician now living in Western Australia.

Subsequently, Electrik Dynamite have announced the new addition to their line-up. Luke Toomey, having already previously filled-in on vocals, assumes the vacated spot.

In an official statement, the band writes:

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"It may come as a surprise to some, not to others - but we're here to sadly, but amicably announce the departure of vocalist Dan Brittain from Electrik Dynamite. Due to real estate problems, Dan moved back to WA late last year. We played the ‪#‎SebastianBach‬ show with our longtime friend, Luke Toomey, and everything fell into place for him to take over on vocal duties. We take this time to wish Dan all the very best... not only a legend dude, a rad voice, but one of the sickest haircuts going around! We've been in contact with him, and he's got new music in the works - when it goes live, we'll be sure to let you all know.

But this brings us to Luke, and those who saw him at the Forum know how much this dude kicks ass. We've been rehearsing and writing with him ever since, and can't wait to show you all on our upcoming shows with ‪#‎Buckcherry‬. More shows to be announced soon as well.

2016. New look Electrik Dynamite...

...same (Skull &) Bones, Riffs 'n Harmony!"