Egging Newcastle With 18-Year-Old Daniel Johns And Unwritten Law's Other Fave Aussie Memories

2 December 2015 | 3:03 pm | Scott Russo

"I was there for Daniel Johns’ 18th birthday. He had literally just got his license."

Scott Russo of Unwritten Law has dished up a plate of his best Australian memories, created in some of his favourite cities while on many of Unwritten Law's tours of Australia.


Well straight away I would say the Cooly hotel is a favourite. There is also this place, I believe it is right beside Coolangatta, there’s this beach life saving club, right on Rainbow Bay, the Rainbow Bay Surf Life Saving Club. It’s one of my favourite fucking places in Australia for sure! There’s this bar that overlooks, or sits just to the side of Snapper Rocks. I’m a beach kid, I grew up on the beach, so I wanna be close to the beach. So any place that’s close to the beach and they have alcohol, and I can look at surfing, that’s where I want to be!


Radelaide! Yeah, Radelaide is good! The city of churches! I’ve been to a couple of really dope places there. Obviously that one main street that runs down the middle of the city is always banging, but they have a really dope skate park there, Adelaide City Skate Park, I’ve been to the skate park there and that was totally cool!

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Melbourne is my favourite city in Australia. It’s really because of the culture. Being 42, I’m a foodie, so it’s all about dope culture and restaurants. It’s not really about St Kilda, it’s about Brunswick St in Fitzroy, it has all the rad restaurants, shops and bars. I’ve met a whole bunch of cool people there, lot of great bands down there, The Living End’s from there, Airbourne’s from down there, really good people down there.


Next to Melbourne, Sydney is my favourite city (forgive me anyone from Sydney!), though I still love Sydney tremendously, I love the Northern beaches and Whale Beach and all of that fucking shit, and I have tonnes of family and friends there, so it’s always great to go back.


I’ve always been a fan of Perth for the simple reason is that I love the beach. They usually put us up at Cottesloe where you’re sitting right on the beach, and you can watch out for box jellyfish and try not to get eaten by anything! I actually do really enjoy Perth, one hard thing about Perth is if it’s the last show of a tour it’s pretty brutal because they religiously have you play the show, then you’ll have a 4am lobby call to get to your 6am flight from Perth to Sydney, then catch a plane to fly home, so it’s literally 27 hours of travel, that’s the totally brutal part of playing in Perth!


Brisbane has always been good to us, I’ve always really loved it. I’m quite sure I’ve been everywhere around there, but what’s weird about Brisbane is the last two or three times we’ve been there, it’s literally been that you guys have had a hurricane or a storm where everything has been wet and or broken! Literally the last three visits there has been really heavy things, like a fire storm right before one of the times we got there, then there were two other full floodings that happened while we were there! I really love staying at Kangaroo Point, right under the bridge where you can walk to all the restaurants. Brisbane has the most amazing fucking hamburgers! There’s this one place that has the most amazing burgers, Ben’s Burgers, it’s literally famous. You can’t change anything, say there’s this one burger, let’s say it’s called the Brisbane burger, you can’t say “I love the Brisbane burger, but can I have it without pickles?” They won’t fucking take off the pickles for you! It’s the weirdest thing, like I’m paying you to cook my shit, I don’t want fucking pickles! But for me it was like fuck you-ish, but then when I got my burger I’m like "cool, now I get it, they’re right!"


Newcastle, I’ve totally been there! I was there for Daniel Johns’ 18th birthday. He had literally just got his license, so he and his mum and little brother took me and my band and manager out to Sizzler! After Sizzler Daniel wanted to go egging! So we made my manager go and buy a whole lot of fucking eggs, and you gotta remember at the time, Daniel’s only 18, we’re probably about 24 or 25 and we’re still kids. We’re in Australia with Daniel, it’s his birthday and we don’t give a fuck, so we go and get a whole bunch of eggs running through Newcastle egging shit, that’s my one real memory of hanging out in Newcastle.