Edward Sharpe's New Video Shot Entirely On iPhones, Directed By Olivia Wilde

11 March 2016 | 11:18 am | Staff Writer

Very cool

Indie folk luminaries Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros have unveiled a jubilant new track this morning, accompanied by a whimsical video clip shot entirely on iPhones and directed by Hollywood starlet Olivia Wilde.

No Love Like Yours was shot in New Orleans (also where the band recorded their newest record, PersonA), and as cinematographer Reed Morano (having worked on HBO's Vinyl, which Wilde not-so-coincidentally stars in) tells Mashable, used six iPhone 6S devices (which features 4K video), a variety of add-on accessories and editing apps to film the video. 

Wilde says, "I’ve been following the band for almost 10 years now, and I've told Alex [Ebert] over that time I'd love to direct a video for them … I was just waiting for the right song. But I wanted to shoot it in an interesting and innovative way. I thought, let's shoot it on an iPhone."

The video features a host of interesting characters dancing atop a hill as the sun sets, smoke bombs and brass instruments aplenty.

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Morano notes the welcomed difference in weight when using iPhones to shoot, but says it's difficult to keep things stable. "Because it was a different size, you can't do what you would normally do with a traditional music video camera and have someone adjust the focus. You are a one-man band, and need to constantly adjust it on your own — as well as the aperture — as you follow a character," she says.

The song hails from PersonA, which is due out 15 April this year. Check out the video clip below.