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Meme, Oh, My: Commercial TV Reports Joke Story About An Ed Sheeran Impersonator

27 February 2020 | 1:00 pm | Staff Writer

Thinking Out Loud, this may not be Perfect...

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A US satirical site has pulled off quite the caper, convincing a stack of social media users that a guy was pretending to be Ed Sheeran in attempt to get some free sandwiches and $35. 

According to 10 Daily, the Portsmouth Ohio Official page published a post earlier this week saying that there was a fugitive alert out for Ronnie Williams Jr of Sciotoville for fraud. 

"He has convinced 3 local churches that he is Ed Sheeran and even went as far as performing 'The Shape Of You' in front of Christ Community Church last Sunday," read the post, which was accompanied by an image of a man with a very slight resemblance to Sheeran. 

"When the pastor was asked why he believed the real Ed Sheeran would perform for 35 dollars and a sandwich, he said he just assumed he had fell on tough times." 

***FUGITIVE ALERT*** The fugitive task force is looking for Ronnie Williams Jr. of Sciotoville for fraud. He has...

Posted by Portsmouth Ohio Official on Monday, February 24, 2020

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This is all very not true, with the page confirming that the story was entirely made up.

The initial post picked up a whopping 40,000 shares and a stack of likes and comments but even better though is that news sources have picked the story up as truth, including Australia's own Today show. 

Check out the video below. 

The program hosts did later shared that they'd been tricked by the post, saying "We did fall for this one. It was from a satirical news site."