Early Competition Entries Suggest A Diverse Soundwave

7 August 2012 | 4:25 pm | Dan Condon

Come on, who voted for Elton John?

Early results of your guesses in our Soundwave competition have proved very interesting indeed, with a huge number of bands and artists selected by our readers so far.

Yesterday we launched a competition in which the winner would get to have lunch and a game of pool with a certain band on next year's Soundwave bill (we'll tell you who they are tomorrow) as well a huge merch pack. To enter, you had to guess three bands that would be featured on tomorrow morning's announcement.

There have been some interesting guesses; Of Mice & Men, Stone Sour and Sleeping With Sirens are, unsurprisingly, very popular guesses. Also up there are the likes of Offspring, Tenacious D, All Time Low and Linkin Park. What is perhaps most surprising is that Blink-182, who have been confirmed and even officially announced for Soundwave 2013, are the sixth most popular guess, while other confirmed acts like Cancer Bats and Six Feet Under sit in ninth and 17th spots respectively…

A little further down the list it becomes a mix of the old and the new; younger bands like Pierce The Veil, Bullet For My Valentine and The Chariot sit amongst veterans like Megadeth, Metallica, Bon Jovi and KISS.

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Elton John has scored a couple of votes; we reckon he's about as likely to be on the bill as last year's headliners System Of A Down, who have also scored a few votes, despite the festival's insistence that they won't book the same band two years in a row.

It's obvious who hasn't entered; none of his suggested bands have received a single guess. Ouch.

All you gotta do to win lunch and a game of pool with a Soundwave band, as well as a kick-arse merch pack, is guess three bands that will be announced tomorrow morning right here.