DZ Deathrays Announce New Album 'R.I.F.F.'

6 April 2023 | 10:28 am | Mary Varvaris
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“It’s weird you can have fun saying that we have royally f*cked up..."

(Pic by David Herington)

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Aussie garage rockers DZ Deathrays have announced that their new album, R.I.F.F (“Remember, It’s For Fun”), is due for release on Friday, 2 June, via their new record label, DZ Worldwide.

DZ Worldwide is a record label "dedicated to bringing you the best riffs in the business," and what a way to start.

The news arrives after the band released two stellar singles, Paranoid and King B, and comes with the new song, Tuff Luck. The noisy, fuzzy single combines the classic DZ rock style with delectable poppy melodies.

The band said on the new album, “It feels amazing to finally be able to announce that our new album R.I.F.F is going to be released. 

“This album has been a different approach to recording for us, using multiple studios and bedrooms split across Brisbane and Sydney. We really took our time with this album, reworking songs along the way making it the longest recording process we have ever done, close to two years."

Creating R.I.F.F has been quite the experience for DZ Deathrays, and "it’s ended up as one of our most raucous and fun records yet revisiting some of the flavours of Blood Lovely whilst adding a new style of production for us.”

As the newest teaser for R.I.F.F, Tuff Luck is spurred by a singular lick designed to be played loud in any situation. 

Vocalist/guitarist Shane Parsons added about the track, “I’ve always been the type of musician who loves to jam as many ideas into a song as possible but on this one, I wanted to challenge myself and focus on one bassline and work as many lyric ideas around that one idea as possible.”

Parsons continued, “It’s weird you can have fun saying that we have royally fucked up. The drums in this song are some of the best on the album, chopped it up alongside samples and treated them with different effects depending on where they came from.”

You can pre-save or pre-order DZ Deathrays’ new album here. Check out Tuff Luck below.