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Doc Neeson’s Life Threatening Brain Tumour Has Returned

28 April 2014 | 2:07 pm | Staff Writer

Doctors made discovery in February

A brain tumour that has reappeared in The Angels' legendary frontman Doc Neeson may be “life threatening” in the next three to six months, according to a documentary set to air on the ABC tonight.

The ABC's Australian Story series revealed last week that they had been following Neeson around for the past 12 months and that his battles with a brain tumour, which was discovered late 2012, depression, divorce and his band mates would be discussed in the episode.

In a preview of tonight's program the ABC have revealed that despite being removed last year, an MRI scan in February discovered that the tumour had returned and could prove fatal in three-to-six months.

“The news is grim, but some people can get through this, and that's the way I try to think about things,” he tells the program. “So I'm looking forward optimistically to the future.”

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When first given 18 months to live last year Neeson reacted: “It was a shock of course when somebody puts a use by date on me, but I still hung on to a shred of hope that I'd get back on the stage at some point.”

The episode will air 8pm tonight (Monday 28 April) on ABC 1 and will then be streaming on online catch-up service iview.