Diddy Is 'Un-canceling The Canceled' With Travis Scott & Morgan Wallen Performances

13 May 2022 | 12:11 pm | Staff Writer

"One of the things I’m doing directly is un-canceling the canceled."

Sean "Diddy" Combs is the host and executive producer of this Sunday's Billboard Music Awards

Combs has booked Morgan Wallen and Travis Scott for the awards, declaring that everyone in the room is getting a second chance at life, following the artists seemingly being canceled by social media.

In an interview with Billboard, Diddy stated, "The mood of the show is about love and forgiveness. As a musical family, none of us are saints; none of us are without things that happen to them in life. So one of the things I’m doing directly is un-canceling the canceled.

"That’s breaking news because people haven’t been about canceling. But cancelling is a trend that needs to stop.

"Travis went through a tragedy; Morgan [used the N-word] while talking to his boy. People make mistakes. Now we’re moving on with love and respect for everybody that was hurt or affected. It’s time to forgive.

"To have Morgan and Travis be able to come back and touch the stage again with the mindset of getting a second chance at life. Everybody in the room is getting a second chance at life, you know, because we’re back outside with no masks on. We need love and I’m excited about celebrating that."

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The performance will be Wallen's first awards show performance since he was recorded shouting a racial slur in February of last year, and Scott's first on-screen performance since the tragedy at his Astroworld Festival.

A new legal filing has listed that 5,000 people were injured during the Astroworld incident, nearly double the previous estimates of 2,800.

It claimed that there were 4,932 victims, with 732 of them needing extensive medical treatment, 1,649 who needed less extensive care and 2,540 whose injuries are still pending review.

Diddy isn't the only artist that's getting fed up with cancel culture, with Liam Gallagher calling out cancel culture in a recent interview with The 2 Johnnies Podcast. 

Gallagher stated, “Who the fuck are these people canceling you, anyway?. Like, fuck off… Unless they come around to your house and say you’re canceled, you’re still going to do your fucking thing. They don’t speak for everyone, do they?

"The canceling people just speak for the people from the cancel world. They don’t fucking speak for everyone… You can still go on and do your gig, there’s people out there who are going to like what you’ve got to say. So, bring it fucking on, you fucking squares!”