Diafrix Call Refugee Panic ‘Sad’

21 April 2013 | 3:00 pm | Sally Anne Hurley

The hip hop duo speak from experience

Melbourne hip hop duo Diafrix got political in a recent interview with theMusic, saying there isn't enough recognition for refugees and the contribution they make to the Australian community.

The pairing of Momo and Azmarino both came to the country as refugees, something that has shaped their opinions on the issue.

“Well, they say in Melbourne or in Victoria that one out of every four homes speaks a language other than English at home,” said Azmarino.

 “It's amazing how there isn't any recognition of that. So when they say, 'ah, no more refugees', and not just speaking about the African community but from wherever, we [refugees] have made a lot of contributions to Australia in many ways. Diafrix work hard to make people realise a lot of the contributions that [refugees] make. I live in Fitzroy (in Melbourne) so it's a very multi-cultural environment. My neighbours are Macedonian and Indonesian and from Fiji and we all live together very nicely. I wish the media would show this to the people who live in the outback and don't live with refugees in their communities – they don't understand, and when they hear about refugees, they panic, you know? For me, that's the saddest thing about it.”

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