'Devastating': Aus Artist Kira Puru 'Choked' By Social Media On Release Day

20 September 2023 | 1:24 pm | Mary Varvaris

"I don’t have the ability to regulate the type of anger I feel about my profile being choked on release day."

Kira Puru

Kira Puru (Source: Supplied)

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Today was supposed to be a delightful day for Kira Puru. The Māori/Australian singer released a new single, All My Boyfriends, today and has been met with issues on Instagram that have prevented the usual sharing an artist needs on release day.

Sharing a screenshot of the single art (pictured above) that she shared in an Instagram post, Puru’s screenshot also contained a notice that read: “Try Again Later. We restrict certain activity to protect our community”.

Puru shared the bizarre notice with their followers on Twitter and wrote, “Devastating. I’ve worked my ass off for this release and frankly my mental health is at breaking point”.

Puru added, “I don’t have the ability to regulate the type of anger I feel about my profile being choked on release day. If anyone knows someone at instagram/meta that can help pls lmk”.

While any Instagram user (including Puru, looking at other comments) can’t see the warning above her post, the Molotov singer said, “it also looks fine on my backend in ig and meta but comes up unable to share when you share my image or tag me to ‘protect the community’”.

When another user commented that the post “doesn’t look restricted”, Puru responded, “only flags when you share my image or try to tag me, which is sorta the thing i want ppl to do on release day :/”.

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All My Boyfriends is a fiercely independent track that’s a welcome addition to Puru’s expanding, empowering discography.

Puru commented about the song, “All My Boyfriends is about a sense of loneliness that surfaces if you let the fear of being hurt or abandoned drive your relationships. Needing people can sometimes make you feel like a burden when, really, it’s the simplest way to open the door to love.”

All My Boyfriends was co-written with Puru alongside their long-time collaborator PJ Harding (Ruel, Noah Cyrus, Meg Mac), produced by Grammy nominee Jamieson Shaw (Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis), mastered by 301’s Leon Zervos, and contains cover imagery by ARIA Award-winning visual artist and photographer Giulia McGauran (Tones And I, The Wiggles, Lime Cordiale).

For the cover art, Puru drew from influences such as ‘60s film sets, John Waters and vintage cosplay, with every element from pom poms to shoes to everything in between designed by Puru (with assistance from costume designer Ty Winter).

All My Boyfriends is out now. You can listen to the song below.