Devastated You Can't See The Metallica S&M2 Shows? Don't Worry, It's Coming To Cinemas

3 August 2019 | 9:11 am | Staff Writer

They bring the tunes, you bring the popcorn.

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If, like most Metallica fans who don't live in the US, you're reeling from the fact you won't be able to see the band's upcoming S&M2 gigs in San Francisco this September, you're in luck. 

It has been confirmed that the upcoming shows at the new Chase Center will be filmed and screened in cinemas around the globe this October. 

Though no specific date has been advised for each country, the concerts will commence screening from 9 October, just in time for Aussie fans to get warmed up for Metallica's stadium tour of the country with Slipknot the following week.

The S&M2 shows will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original S&M concerts, performed by Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony at the Berkeley Community Theatre in 1999. 

The new concerts will feature the first live performances of these arrangements in 20 years, plus the first-ever Metallica and San Francisco Symphony renditions of songs written and released since the original concert, with new orchestral charts by Bruce Coughlin.  

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Meanwhile, Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo appeared on The Green Room with Neil Griffiths (formerly The Music Podcast) earlier this year to discuss the upcoming tour and when fans can expect new music from the metal legends. Listen to the full episode below.