Details Of Molly Meldrum's Injury From Thailand Fall Revealed

28 January 2016 | 5:22 pm | Staff Writer

He is currently recovering in a Bangkok hospital.

The details surrounding beloved Aussie music critic Ian "Molly" Meldrum's injuries have been revealed just days after it was reported that he was taken to a hospital in Thailand following a nasty fall. 

As reports, an x-ray revealed that Meldrum cracked four ribs and dislocated his shoulder after he slipped while getting out of a taxi on Sunday evening. 

He is now recovering in a Bangkok hospital where he will remain for the next few days, including his 73rd birthday tomorrow. 

"I'm a walking disaster," Meldrum said of the fall.

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Thankfully, the injury was not as serious as the fall from the roof of his house in 2011 which resulted in him being placed in an induced coma and serious head injuries. 

It has been reported that Meldrum travelled to Thailand to escape the hype from the upcoming TV two-part series based on his life, entitled Molly

The miniseries is scheduled to air early next month and stars Aussie actor Samuel Johnson who portrays Meldrum.