Deryck Whibley’s Wife Shares Update After Sum 41 Frontman Leaves Hospital

18 September 2023 | 11:19 am | Mary Varvaris
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"I'm very happy to be giving this update. Deryck was discharged after responding so well to his treatments."

Sum 41 @ Parramatta Park

Sum 41 @ Parramatta Park (Credit: Hayden Nixon)

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On Friday (15 September), Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley was rushed to hospital with a bout of pneumonia.

“Deryck and I were suppose to be in Chicago right now, celebrating our eight year wedding anniversary but the universe had a different plan for us,” his wife Ariana posted on Instagram alongside a photo of herself holding her husband’s hand in the ER.

“We spent the entire night in the ER and will now be spending the next few days here in the hospital as he fights through pneumonia,” she continued, “The scariest part is that there is a lot of strain on his heart and they are telling us that there is a possibility of heart failure.”

Adding that it wasn’t the first time Whibley was hospitalised with a sudden health scare – in 2014, the vocalist experienced liver and kidney failure and was placed in a coma as his body cleansed itself of alcohol abuse, Ariana shared “really difficult memories” seeing Deryck back in hospital attached to wires and an IV.

She concluded, “I know how strong he is because I have witnessed what he has been able to overcome but that doesn't make it any easier to see. I'll do my best to keep everyone updated but if you could keep him in your heart over the next few days, we could really use it.”

To our delight and relief, Whibley was discharged from the hospital yesterday (17 September). “I'm very happy to be giving this update,” Ariana wrote in a separate Instagram post.

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“Deryck was discharged after responding so well to his treatments” and is now back home with his wife and mother. His mother is a registered nurse.

Ariana continued, “The pressure and strain on his heart and lungs has improved and he is able to breathe without as much pain.

“I can't tell you how truly grateful we are for the community around us. We knew we had support but the outpouring of love for our family has been absolutely overwhelming and we can't begin to say how much it has meant to us and helped us stay positive through this.”

Earlier this year, Sum 41 revealed their plans to disband after 27 years as a band, but not before releasing a final album, Heaven :x: Hell, and embarking on a farewell tour across the globe. More details will be coming soon.