Derek Smalls Joining You Am I For Spinal Tap Aus Gig This Month

7 July 2022 | 9:02 am | Dan Cribb

A world premiere and Aussie exclusive.

More You Am I Plays Spinal Tap More You Am I Plays Spinal Tap

Turn it up to 11 because Derek Smalls is heading to Australia this month!

The man behind the Spinal Tap bassist, Harry Shearer has confirmed an exclusive performance at Adelaide Guitar Festival on July 23 at Her Majesty's Theatre, where he’ll play alongside Aussie rockers You Am I under the banner ‘This Time It’s Personal’.

Shearer will perform a set as Derek Smalls, backed by You Am I, before joining the local outfit onstage for their Majesty Of Tap show.

The one-off show will follow a special screening of This Is Spinal Tap the previous night at Mercury CX, which also includes a Q&A with Shearer and You Am I's Russell Hopkinson.

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Back in May, it was revealed that Spinal Tap II was officially in the works, with Rob Reiner returning to direct the mockumentary sequel while its OG cast also makes a comeback.

Returning alongside Reiner, who will also reprise his role as on-screen filmmaker Marty DiBergi, are Michael McKean (David St. Hubbins), Christopher Guest (Nigel Tufnel) and Shearer.

The sequel’s confirmation arrived just over a week after the passing of Ric Parnell, aka Spinal Tap drummer Mick Shrimpton.

The follow-up is expected to be released in 2024 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original 1984 film.