Out Of Office On, Now You Just Need Some Reading Material - 'The Annual' Is Out Now

23 December 2019 | 4:24 pm | Staff Writer

Grab a copy while you can!

Ho-ho-hello - it's your pals at The Music, here to launch our new tentpole edition, 'The Annual'. 

It's an exciting time where we not only celebrate the preceding 12 months with our traditional Writers' Poll, but expand our coverage to look back over the past ten years. We explore some of the trends of the 2010s, from the way we consumed music and television (spoiler alert - it's all about streaming and binging), to the decline of the mega festival, and the evolution of podcasting, the Australian comedy scene and local theatre. Plus we get major industry figures to share their thoughts on the last ten years and a few writers state their case for their own personal album of the decade. John Butler stares climate change in the face in our guest editorial and we share some tips on living your best park life. There are also picks for the top Aussie TV shows and films of the decade (nope, nothing from the Transformers franchise nor anything with Adam Sandler, don't @ us). You can even test a decade's worth of knowledge in our monthly themed quiz. 

We also dive deep into this year's Christmas carols to see who's been naughty, look back at the best and worst of the decade's zeitgeist and, as usual, bring you the season's best binge watching, and all the tours you can't miss.

If you haven't picked up a copy already, mags are out on the street in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane now so grab one while you can. And as The Annual is a bumper issue across December and January, we'll see you back here in February. 

If you'd prefer to stay online, check out each edition below.

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