Dean Ween Writes Excuse Note For Fan Who Has Exam During Reunion Shows

12 February 2016 | 1:38 pm | Staff Writer

"Kevin has assured me that he will still take the exam at the first opportunity"

More than four years after they last performed together, celebrated US alt-rock outfit Ween are reuniting for a run of shows that kicks off with a triple showing this weekend in Broomfield, Colorado. For fans of the band, it's an understandably momentous occasion; a chance to see an iconic act do their thing in the flesh, possibly for the last time.

The disappointment felt by die-hard follower Kevin Klebacher when he realised the Broomfield shows coincided with an impending physics exam must have been hard to swallow, so the resourceful fan did what any of us would have done in his shoes: he reached out to the band's guitarist, Dean Ween (real name Mickey Melchiondo), and explained his predicament — so, as Jambase notes, Melchiondo simply wrote a letter to Kev's professor imploring him to allow the student to sit the exam at a later date so as not to get in the way of destiny.

First appearing on Reddit (along with a picture of Melchiondo holding up the missive as proof of authorship), the note provides a brief history of the band and paints a picture of the importance of the forthcoming shows. The veteran muso even takes a little bit of license with the truth, telling the teacher that "there is no guarantee that we will continue beyond the 3 concerts" (the band actually has shows lined up in April, as well as at Bonnaroo and at Florida's Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival in March), which one Redditor hypothesised was a ploy to heighten the gravitas of Klebacher's predicament, as well as explaining that the student is "arguably one of our biggest fans".

"He hopes to attend our concerts but he is concerned that it will affect his exam scores, especially if he can't attend on exam day," the letter reads. "Kevin has assured me that he will still take the exam at the first opportunity, + I believe him.

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"Is this something you would please consider?"

As though the gesture in itself wasn't awesome enough, it appears that Melchiondo's plea may actually fly with the prof in question — Klebacher, who apparently goes by the username "dweeber" on Reddit, has since updated the forum on his situation, explaining, "[M]y professor already told me that he'll let me take the exam Monday as long as I had a valid excuse".

"I asked 'what if the band excused me?' to which he responded, 'if you bring in proof to my office 7:30am on Monday, you can take the make up."

Here's hoping the professor makes good on his word, then, because it's hard to argue with a handwritten excuse straight from the pen of Dean Ween himself. Godspeed, Kevin. We're rooting for you.