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Deadlights shut out that inner voice on 'Bathed In Venom'

17 April 2019 | 1:50 pm | Alex Sievers
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Deadlights go beyond 'Mesma' with their newest single, 'Bathed In Venom'.

Deadlights now go beyond 2017's 'Mesma' LP with their new tune, 'Bathed In Venom'.

Deadlights squeezed a lot of mileage out of their 2017 debut LP, 'Mesma'; a strong first record that saw them rack up multiple national tours and spawning a few singles as well. But it's now about that time that the wheels must start turning again, and that's where today's new track, 'Bathed In Venom', comes in.

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This biting new post-hardcore track is a journey about the self and mental-health. Something that's seemingly hinted at right away by the green backdrop of twisted MRI brain scans that the four-piece are standing in front of in the above photo promo.

Lyrically, the song itself starts off with one being stuck in a deep dark hole with no way to climb out; about being subjected the inner voices in our heads that whisper closely about how we aren't worth anything, that we'll never be good enough. However, by the end of the song, a total 180-degree mental shift occurs. For now full personal control is regained, a real sense of clarity is attained, and thus we're able to finally pull ourselves out from that "bed of snakes"; a toxic rut that was once romanticised. 'Bathed In Venom' shows some battles with the idea of Impostor Syndrome, and also comes from a more internal space than Deadlights' past material; songs that were often directed outward towards the external world.

Engineered by guitarist/singer Tynan Reibelt and mixed and mastered by Belle Haven's/Better Half's Christopher Vernon, 'Bathed In Venom' comes in real hard. It's nicely riddled with the Queensland band's solid sense of lyrical darkness, dual-vocal approaches, melodic shine, Josh O'Callaghan's bouncy drum grooves, Tynan's urgent riffs, Dylan Davidsons's passionate screams, and the group's always sweet harmonies. It's a pretty cool song, truth be told! One that will hopefully make even more sense once placed into the wider context of what comes next from Deadlights. Expect that to arrive sooner rather than later.