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Dead Can Dance Announce First Aus Show In 20 Years

3 September 2012 | 4:12 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

They're heading to the Sydney Opera House

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Pioneering Australian electro act Dead Can Dance will play their first Australian show in over 20 years at the Sydney Opera House in February.

Currently on their comeback world tour, the duo have recently broken into charts in the UK and USA with their new album Anastasis.

Hugely influential, the duo of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry disbanded in 1996 and have enjoyed healthy solo careers since then – particularly Gerrard who has featured on Academy Award-nominated works and won a Golden Globe.

The Sydney show appears to be the only announced date so far, and tickets will go on sale to the general public Monday 10 September.

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Sunday 3 February - Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall Tickets

Written by Nick Lynagh

Editor's note: Our term 'electro pioneers' has upset a lot of folk in relation to DCD (check the comments below). And yeah we are aware that Wikipedia refers to them as world fusion but we don't just rely on Wiki for our research. Some of us were actually around when Dead Can Dance first started in the early '80s. And hey, they played a part in pioneering electronic music. It was gothic-soaked sure, but it was called electronic music/electro back then and they were up there pioneering it with other Aus acts like SPK and Scattered Order (to name just a teeny few). Take the time to listen to some early DCD such as Fatal Impact – we are well aware that it doesn't sound like today's EDM but back then, just using a synthesizer could mean you were labelled electro. We promise we will never use the offensive 'electro pioneer' term again – for anyone.