Daytime Stadium Shows? Actor Advocates For Rock Matinees

9 March 2023 | 9:09 am | Mary Varvaris

Do you think this award-winning actor will start a trend?

(Pic by Bobby Rein)

More Coldplay More Coldplay

Jamie Lee Curtis is a rocker, but she can’t be bothered with shows that run late—waiting for the headlining band to come on at 9 pm? She’d rather be in bed. 

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter (via NME) on the red carpet for the Independent Spirit Awards, the Halloween actor and Oscar nominee revealed that she’d declined invitations to events such as an Oscars nominee dinner as she’s too sleepy for that.

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“Why? Because mommy goes to bed early. Because 7:30 is gonna be nine before we get food, and you know what? There’s nothing good happening with me after nine o’clock. Nothing. Zero,” she said.

Then she devised a pitch that could change the entertainment world as we know it: “I am gonna just say this now as a taunt and as a suggestion. U2: do a matinee. Coldplay: do a matinee."

She continued, "What about a 12 noon concert, Coldplay? What about it? Bruce Springsteen: do a fucking matinee! You’re old! Why wouldn’t you let me come see you, Bruce Springsteen, in your glory days – pun intended – and do it at noon or one o’clock? Two o’clock! Two o’clock matinee!

“Theatre in New York, two o’clock! I will come and hear your five-hour concert, Bruce, at two o’clock, and I’m gonna be home and in bed by 7:30.”

That interview was on Saturday, 4 March. Yesterday, she was in the Today studio and talked about living life “on life’s terms”.

“Why are there no matinees?” Curtis asked. “For instance, I love Coldplay. I would love to go see Coldplay. 

“The problem is, I’m not gonna go see Coldplay if they start their show at nine o’clock and there’s an opening act. I want to hear Coldplay at 1 pm. I think if we filled a stadium with people who want to see matinee of Coldplay, I think we would start a trend.”

Do you think Jamie Lee Curtis will start a trend in live music?