Daniel Johns Signing Vinyl In Melbourne This Weekend

8 October 2022 | 10:05 am | Mary Varvaris

A celebration for fans.

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Daniel Johns is at the Rialto in Melbourne this weekend, signing translucent hot pink exclusive FutureNever vinyl from 10 am to 1 pm. He's signing records and meeting fans as part of the Past, Present and FutureNever exhibition dedicated to him.

Hosted by the Rialto and KSR Gallery, the event is spearheaded by Johns himself, curated by art director Eddie Zammit, and presented by BMG and Radio Velvet. A year in the making, the exhibition opened to the public on Friday, 26 August and ends tomorrow, Sunday, 9 October. 

Announcing his appearance at the exhibition yesterday, Johns took to Instagram to thank his team and record label BMG Australia for "empowering (and encouraging) me to turn my back on the traditional music industry and build a new one that works for me and not against me." 

He also wrote, "I am truly humbled and appreciative of every one of you for joining me on this FutureNever journey. When my anxiety did not allow me to perform live any longer, I was told by many senior people in the industry that my career was over. I refused to accept that that was my reality, so I built my own ecosystem with my visionary friends" at BMG. 

Initially intended for release on 1 April 2022, FutureNever came out a few weeks later, on 22 April 2022, to include the song Emergency Calls Only. FutureNever is the first album Johns has released on his record label, thanks to a global deal with BMG. He hit #1 on the ARIA Top 50 Albums Chart - originally debuting at #2, twenty different cassette versions of the album pushed the record to the top spot.

Johns has experienced a topsy-turvy year so far, with his new album's success, a semi-autobiographical film on the way, and starting a charity foundation being some of the best moments; he has also clashed with ex-Silverchair bandmate Ben Gillies and been in a traumatic car crash where he couldn't "play or listen to music" since the accident and a stint in rehab followed it. Johns also stated that he was experiencing a "full-blown nervous breakdown" at the time.  

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The Past, Present, and FutureNever exhibition is the boldest thing Johns has been a part of. In a statement, he revealed, "For 45 minutes, people can physically time travel back to my childhood and into the FutureNever in a way that provides a greater insight into my creative process and personal life than any live concert could ever hope to achieve. It's literally a lifetime of work that has gone into it."  

Tickets and merchandise are here.