Daniel Johns Curates The FutureNever Almanac Edition Featuring Rare Silverchair Items

21 December 2022 | 10:37 am | Mary Varvaris

"Check out the original lyrics for Tomorrow which I would later edit..."

(Pic by Luke Eblen)

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Daniel Johns has unveiled the FutureNever Almanac Edition, a remarkable collection of items collected throughout Johns' career in Silverchair and as a solo artist.

Making the announcement on Facebook, the Anthem For The Year 2000 singer began: "My Mum kept meticulous records of all the handwritten lyrics I wrote for Frogstomp as a 14 year old. I had no idea that she’d kept them until Radio Velvet and BMG Australia mined my childhood home for Past, Present and FutureNever."

Johns added, "Check out the original lyrics for Tomorrow which I would later edit, there are so many more original versions in this archive that I’d completely forgot about."

Earlier this year, the inaugural Past, Present and FutureNever exhibition opened in honour of Johns. The Past, Present, and FutureNever exhibition is the boldest thing Johns has been a part of. 

In a statement, he revealed, "For 45 minutes, people can physically time travel back to my childhood and into the FutureNever in a way that provides a greater insight into my creative process and personal life than any live concert could ever hope to achieve. It's literally a lifetime of work that has gone into it."

So, for fans who missed the exhibition, the FutureNever Almanac Edition is something you don't want to miss out on. The special release includes 160+ pages of rare photos, antiquities and curiosities, never-before-seen archival images, a comprehensive look at the exhibition space with Johns' descriptions of items, guitars, art, and so much more coupled with a CD of FutureNever presented in a unique way. 

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Pre-order HERE before 31 December to have your name featured in the credits section of the Almanac.  

Initially intended for release on 1 April 2022, FutureNever came out a few weeks later, on 22 April 2022, to include the song Emergency Calls Only. FutureNever is the first album Johns has released on his record label, thanks to a global deal with BMG. He hit #1 on the ARIA Top 50 Albums Chart - originally debuting at #2, twenty different cassette versions of the album pushed the record to the top spot.

Johns has experienced a topsy-turvy year, with his new album's success, a semi-autobiographical film on the way, and starting a charity foundation being some of the best moments; he has also clashed with ex-Silverchair bandmate Ben Gillies and been in a traumatic car crash where he couldn't "play or listen to music" since the accident and a stint in rehab followed it. Johns also stated that he was experiencing a "full-blown nervous breakdown" at the time.