FEEL GOOD ALERT: This Parent Has Opened A Literal School Of Rock In Their Kid’s Cubby House

24 April 2020 | 12:29 pm | Staff Writer

"I even wrote a theme song using the same chords and melody as 'Jailhouse Rock'.”

Australia’s answer to School Of Rock’s Dewey Finn, Danniel Smith has found a way to educate the rockstars of tomorrow from self-isolation.

After running High Voltage Rock School over the past 10 years, Smith has launched Cubby House Rock amid the COVID-19 lockdown, transforming his son’s cubby house into an online music school for kids between 5 – 18 years old.

“Once schools closed late last term I asked my son if I could turn his cubby into Cubby House Rock,” the qualified Primary and Secondary school teacher said.

“A place where kids can still learn how to rock on a variety of instruments… I even wrote a theme song using the same chords and melody as Jailhouse Rock!”

Smith and the 15 staff members who frequent High Voltage Rock School are teaching lessons on drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, singing and uke through Zoom, with 50 students currently enrolled in the Cubby House Rock program.

Head to the High Voltage Rock School website for more details.

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