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EXCLUSIVE: Go Behind The Scenes On A Music Video Shoot With Cub Sport & Oh Boy

21 June 2019 | 11:48 am | Oh Boy

"A positive light for any being on this planet."

Following the release of a magical new clip for the Oh Boy and Cub Sport collaboration Angels 888, The Music got an exclusive sneak peak into the making of the clip.

Directed and edited by Patrick Bahi, check out the video below and let Oh Boy transport you behind the scenes of the shoot with photographs by Lulu Phillips


Sharing the same wavelength as another being is such a warming feeling. Heightened levels of consciousness is something Tim, Sam (of Cub Sport) and I converse about regularly. I'm so grateful for the common interests we share and that love, kindness, positive energy and manifestation connected us in the way that it did, at the time that it was needed.

This is a photo of Beige Boy (aka Patrick Bahi), Tim and I. Beige Boy is such a talented creative and an incredible being. I'm so thankful for the hard work and editing he put into this video. We hangout or talk most days. Mostly about basketball and the NBA but all in all we all share such similar philosophies and that made the video come together so easily. We also train together a few days a week so keep each other in check with our physical health haha.

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The entire crew that made the Angels 888 music video possible. Thank all of you SO MUCH: Lulu Phillips, LOVER (Oliver Kirby), Connor Rancan, Beige Boy (Patrick Bahi), Myself, Tim & Sam of Cub Sport, Tanssi (Curtis Seaton-Jarwach), Clare Berkeley, Keira Allen, Clare Seaton-Jarwach.

Tim is such a special being. This image sums his energy and aura up perfectly. He's so powerful and passionate but insanely kind and loving, a super talented person and incredibly creative. A positive light for any being on this planet.

This is my favourite photo from the entire BTS shoot for the Angels 888 music video. Lulu Phillips is such an amazing photographer and general creative, I love working with her. I'm going to get this framed and hang it in my house, it captures everything.