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Crystal Castles Announce Split

9 October 2014 | 8:57 am | Staff Writer

"This is the end of the band"

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Toronto-based experimental electronic duo Crystal Castles are apparently no more, with singer Alice Glass announcing on social media overnight that she would be departing the band — which she formed with Ethan Kath back in 2004 — for "professional and personal" reasons.

In the post, Glass wastes no time in getting to business, starting off with the frank admission, "I am leaving Crystal Castles," before going on to open up a little more as to the impetus for dissolving the partnership and indicating that a solo career is the next logical step from here.

"My art and my self-expression in any form has always been an attempt towards sincerity, honesty and empathy for others," the vocalist wrote. "For a multitude of reasons both professional and personal I no longer feel that this is possible within CC.

"Although this is the end of the band, I hope my fans will embrace me as a solo artist in the same way they have embraced Crystal Castles."

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This year marked the tenth anniversary of Crystal Castles' inception; during their career together, Glass and Kath released a prolific number of limited-release EPs as well as three studio full-lengths - (I), (II) and (III) - in 2008, 2010 and 2012. They stopped by the country last year for the Big Day Out tour, so here's hoping you caught them while you could.

For those who missed out (or who simply want to honour the outfit), do the right thing and crank Plague, from their third self-titled record, below.