Cry Club Are One Of This Year's Buzziest BIGSOUND Acts; Here's What They're Doing Differently This Time

7 August 2019 | 3:47 pm | Cry Club

Cry Club certainly gained a lot of attention with their appearance at last year's BIGSOUND and have not stopped since. The Wollongong duo are heading back to Fortitude Valley for another run at BIGSOUND in 2019 and here, they share what they'll be doing differently this time 'round.

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What we learnt at BIGSOUND 2018...

Don’t be sick!!! That’s it! 

Okay, no we’re (mostly) joking. The most valuable thing we learnt was to be open to everything! If you have a meeting with someone that you think maybe isn’t the right fit, these will be the most valuable lessons. For sure the coolest moments happened when we said "let’s just do it!" and heard a lot of different perspectives from a bunch of people in the music industry we never would have been able to talk to otherwise. Experience first, think later :^)

Why we’re heading back to BIGSOUND...

Last year, we went to BIGSOUND looking for a team, and checked every box on that list! For Cry Club At BIGSOUND 2: Electric Boogaloo, it’s all about solidifying our live show in front of people who can give us useful feedback, and hopefully planting the seeds to grow an audience outside of Australia. We’ve enlisted a live drummer to bring the energy, and brand new outfits to bring the party. We’re so ready!!

What we’ll be doing differently this time...

Not showing up with laryngitis!!! No, okay, for real, we’re excited to be at full health and run around to all the meetings, gigs and parties and then some. We made so many friends that we’re jazzed as hell to see again, so we’re gonna have a solid game plan locked in before we arrive to make sure we don’t miss anything (or anyone!!). Also, probably not drink as much, but… we’ll see.

BIGSOUND takes over Brisbane's Fortitude Valley from 3-6 September. For more info, head here or click the banner below. 

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