Crowbar & UNIFIED Launch New Wine Project With ‘The Chats Goon’

21 October 2020 | 9:00 am | Staff Writer

Introducing Built To Spill Wine.

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Crowbar and UNIFIED Music Group are pairing their passion for music and wine via new project and online store Built To Spill Wine.

As well as offering a “delicious selection of natural wines from across the globe”, the new brand will also see Aussie acts team with some of the country’s best natural winemakers “to craft the bottle of their dreams”.

“The best thing about it all has been connecting everyone together, not only helping ourselves while our venue has been closed and artists who haven’t been able to tour, but the winemakers around Australia as well,” UNIFIED Founder & CEO Jaddan Comerford said.

“They’ve had a rough year since the fires impacting their grapes and now with COVID-19 closing down bars and restaurants. Everyone is super happy to be working together to create something different for music and wine lovers from all walks of life to enjoy while working with sustainable and minimal impact farming."

Crowbar’s chief and “wine wizard” Tai Tate added: “We are excited to expose the whole country to a new wealth of talent in both wine and music, to push the boundaries of creativity and collaboration, to pair the old guard with the new school, and maybe find common ground between the established and the up and comers.”

The first artist collaboration from the new endeavour comes from Aussie rockers The Chats, who, unsurprisingly, opted to go down the goon route, teaming with Delinquente Wine Co to produce The Chats Goon, which “is the perfect accompaniment to your Pub Feed, your Smoko, or to make you feel better about getting The Clap”.

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Simply put by frontman Eamon Sandwith, “It’s fucken good.”

For more details, head to the Built To Spill Wine website.