Creed Bratton Talks ‘The Office’ Reunion Rumours: ‘Why Mess Up That Great Finale?’

16 November 2019 | 12:44 pm | Daniel Cribb

“We did it and it was a beautiful thing."

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It’s been six long years since fans across the globe bid farewell to The Office, and ever since curtain call, there’s been rumours and hopes of a reunion.

While fan favourite Creed Bratton, who portrayed a fictional version of himself on the show, would love to take part in some sort of reunion if anything were ever to arise, he told The Music ahead of his Australian tour that he doesn’t think one is necessary.

“We did it and it was a beautiful thing,” Bratton said. “I don’t think Steve [Carell] could do it, and if Steve can’t be on it, then what would be the purpose?”

“John Krasinski had an idea that we could do a Christmas special one year. I think that would be fun – maybe do a two-hour Christmas special [on] where everybody is now. But again, why mess up that great finale? Because that finale was perfect.”

Love for the series hasn't faulted since its finale in 2013, with Bratton touring the world with his music off the back of the hit show.

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“We had great writers and obviously actors that were well versed to pull these characters off," he said. "Who knew that these people would become these iconic characters, you know.

“We didn’t know that first season at all; it was probably around the third season it started dawning on me that something was happening.”

Bratton’s reunion comments echo that of Paul Feig, who served as an executive producer for The Office and directed some of the show's most memorable episodes.

Speaking with The Music’s Neil Griffiths around the release of his new film, Last Christmas, Feig noted: "I mean, Steve's moved on, so you could always do it with a new cast. I'm a fan of, like, once you get something right, step away and let it be its thing."

Carell has done his best to dash any hopes of Michael Scott appearing in any Office reunion, even going so far as to play up on the rumours during his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live late last year; check out the clip below.

Keep an eye on The Music for the full Creed Bratton interview.