This Aussie Guitarist Is Hosting Iso Trivia Nights & They’re Blowing Up

16 April 2020 | 3:26 pm | Staff Writer

“Within about three weeks we have gone from about 80 live players to around 1500!”

For The Creases’ Aimon Clark, not only did COVID-19 venue closures mean he was unable to gig, but his widely pop popular Man Vs Bear and Not On Your Rider trivia nights were also put on hold.

Having become a staple on the Brisbane scene since their inception (with regular guest appearances from members of Ball Park Music, The Jungle Giants, Powderfinger and more), Clark was determined to bring his loyal followers together on a regular basis, which sparked Isolation Trivia, a regular “livestreamed for lockdown” format that quickly expanded beyond Brisbane through topics that included Tiger King, Peep Show and more.

“Within about three weeks we have gone from about 80 live players to around 1500!” Clark told The Music.

“It has been crazy how much it has grown and I really think a lot of it has been down to people enjoying it and telling their friends. For a while now my dream has been to have my own quiz show. In the UK there are so many light-hearted and funny quiz shows but we are really lacking them here in Australia.”

Hey cool cats and kittens - we are streaming a Tiger King trivia night directly to you. - free to play, mark your own answer sheets - no answers in the chat - check in the septic tank

Posted by Isolation Trivia on Saturday, April 11, 2020

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Clark describes the increase in popularity and feedback to the livestreamed trivia nights as “a bit overwhelming”, but also one of the most “rewarding thing I have done in my professional life”.

“Every week I get a lot of messages about how the quizzes are keeping people sane/allowing them to connect with all their friends and feel normal again,” he said. 

“Some people even say that it is the only social interaction they have all week which is really touching - although every so often I have people spamming me to take my shirt off on the stream, which wouldn’t be nice for anybody.”

Last week’s Tiger King trivia night was a highlight for many, but for Clark, there’s a specific moment that stands out.

“My favourite moment so far was seeing people react to my recreation of Love Actually while dressed as Shrek,” Clark said. 

“Every so often I will play a song on piano for people to guess - one of these times I decided to put pegs on all the black keys of my piano beforehand. Every time I hit one of those keys a peg would fly off and create a big mess. Half the people loved it and half despised it. I think it made them question reality a little bit too much.”

Tonight, Clark will lead a trivia night on The Office (where do we sign up?!) with Harry Potter, general knowledge and more on the horizon.

For more details, head to the Isolation Trivia Facebook page.

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