Confidence Man Reveal Secret To New Album: ‘No Writing While Sober’

2 July 2024 | 7:14 pm | Ellie Robinson

Confidence Man’s hotly anticipated third album, ‘3AM (LA LA LA)’, is primed to arrive in October.

Confidence Man

Confidence Man (Credit: Julian Buchan)

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Confidence Man have opened up about the unique songwriting process for their upcoming third album, 3AM (LA LA LA), revealing the duo gave themselves a rule that certainly wouldn’t bode well for a lot of other artists: they only worked on songs for the record while they were “completely cooked”.

The revelation came in a new interview with NME, where vocalist and producer Janet Planet described the duo’s live show as “midway between musical theatre, art and just being completely wasted”. She explained of their unconventional writing style for 3AM (LA LA LA): “We set out to write this record where we were like, ‘We’ve figured out the best way for us to write music together is to be completely cooked.

“So what we did with this record was: ‘No writing at all sober.’ Only wasted. So we’d go to Café Cecilia, near our studio, get absolutely wasted, then we’d go to our studio in London fields from 4pm ‘til 10am. And that was the only way we wrote the record.”

Planet’s bandmate Sugar Bones verified the rule, adding: “It works really well for the initial spark, and the you go back in and be like: ‘What the fuck happened last night?’ And see if there’s anything good. But there always was something good!”

Planet went on to say the album’s title was directly inspired by these sessions, “because the hotspot was 3am, and after 3am it slowly deteriorated”.

3AM (LA LA LA) is set to arrive on October 18 via I OH YOU. Upon announcing the album last month – alongside the release of lead single I CAN’T LOSE YOU – the duo explained that they started working on the record with a vision to “dehumanise pop music and make it over-the-top and ridiculous again”, but eventually shifted their sights to classic UK rave.

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Confidence Man will promote their new album with an Australian tour, with shows locked in for Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Torquay and Melbourne – head here for more info.