A New Generation Love This Classic Goth Group Because Of (You Guessed It...) TikTok

5 August 2020 | 1:53 pm | Jessica Dale

Turns out a new generation have fallen in love with Cocteau Twins.

Cocteau Twins - pic by Chris Garnham

Cocteau Twins - pic by Chris Garnham

More Cocteau Twins More Cocteau Twins

Last month we brought you the story about how Australian group Vacations have found huge breakout success thanks to TikTok users. 

It now seems like the next big trend is take shape thanks to Scottish goth group Cocteau Twins

Wait, like the big in the '80s & '90s Cocteau Twins? 

Yep, that's the one! The group were formed in 1979 by Robin Guthrie and Will Heggie, with vocalist Elizabeth Fraser joining in 1981. Heggie was replaced by Simon Raymonde in 1983. 

They disbanded in 1997 and were set to reunite for Coachella in 2005 but pulled the pin on it seemingly due to personal issues within the band. 

Which songs though? 

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While there seems to be a few songs popping up, it's Heaven Or Las Vegas that's really taking the cake for the TikTok generation. Cherry-coloured Funk is big too. Both tracks are from the 1990 released Heaven Or Las Vegas album.

But why?

You make a good point here. I also wonder this but it seems to come down to two main trends; 1. like Vacations, the tracks are used to soundtrack people's day or things like beauty tutorials, etc, and 2. there seems to be a real fascination with Fraser's Scottish accent. 


No, no, you heard me right. It seems that users are really obsessed with coming up with interpretations of what Fraser is saying. 

For example, the line "Go there for new / For new things there" from Heaven Or Las Vegas is apparently pronounced "Gallafonue fonue eh feh feh" or similiar if you're fluent in TikTok. 

(Actual footage above of me trying to understand this trend)
(Actual footage below of someone executing this trend)

Hmmm, that voice sounds familiar to me but I'm pretty sure I haven't heard Cocteau Twins before...

So, chances are you've been listening to Fraser for years and just not known it. Remember Massive Attack's, well, massive hit Teardrop? Yeah, that's Elizabeth Fraser singing. 

Fraser was also played a part in This Mortal Coil, formed by 4AD Ivo Watts-Russell who co-founded the 4AD Label, which Cocteau Twins were signed to.

What should I take away from this? 

I like to think hope that this new generation are delving deep into music history and finding new bands to love even in a kinda odd meme-y way. 

Or at the very least, you could probably make some sizeable coin on that old, sorry 'vintage' Cocteau Twins t-shirt that's in the back of your cupboard on eBay now.