Ceremony Bring Zoo To Australia

20 April 2012 | 11:53 am | Staff Writer

With their Rohnert Park album of 2010  Californian punks Ceremony showed a side of them that not a lot of people knew they had in them. Moving away from their powerviolence roots a little bit, it showed that they were taking on a more considered style of songwriting and embracing more straight ahead punk rock, rock'n'roll and post-punk styles in their music. Just last month they released the follow up to that record, Zoo, and once more it sees them wandering down that same musical path and with stunning results. A captivating record, Zoo is the band's fourth, but first since signing with Matador Records and arguably their best to date. Having said that, we're hoping the band will be showing off a wide selection of their material when they head out to Australia mid-year; dates are below and tickets are on sale Monday.

Friday 29 June - Irene's Warehouse, Melbourne (all ages)
Saturday 30 June - Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
Sunday 1 July - Animal House, Adelaide (all ages)
Tuesday 3 July - The Den, Perth (18+)
Wednesday 4 July - YMCA HQ, Perth (all ages)
Thursday 5 July - Between The Walls, Brisbane (all ages)
Friday 6 July - Basement 243, Brisbane (18+)
Saturday 7 July - Hardcore 2012 @ The Hi-Fi, Sydney (18+)
Sunday 8 July - Hardcore 2012 @ The Hi-Fi, Sydney (all ages)