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20 September 2015 | 8:46 am | Staff Writer

"Tony Abbott can't stop the votes."

The biggest news of the week was old mate Tony Abbott losing his PM crown to Malcolm Turnbull. #PutOutYourOnions wasn’t the only thing dominating the Twittersphere.

Donald Trump

Abbott’s not the only political figure that took a beating this week. His US counterpart (when it comes to hilarious and ridiculous news pieces), presidential candidate Donald Trump, took some punches at a recent debate.

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Ahmed Mohamed

Texas student Ahmed Mohamed was arrested during the week after bringing a homemade clock to school that teachers mistook for a bomb.

Facebook Dislike Button

All three of the aforementioned gentlemen could have used a dislike button on Facebook during the week – a function that founder Mark Zuckerberg said this week is in motion.

Bonus Round