Carmada Announce Regional Tour And New Remixes

3 February 2016 | 12:11 pm | Staff Writer

Check out the first remix of 'Realise'

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Yahtzel and L D R U, more commonly known as the bass duo Carmada, have announced a huge Australian regional tour with Elk Road as their support.

In conjunction with the massive success of their most recent EP, Realise, and its title track, Carmada will be releasing a set of four remixes of the song.

They plan to post one remix a day before the full set of remixes are released digitally this Friday, 5 February. Today’s remix is the Cause & Affect rendition of Realise.

The tour starts in Queensland on 10 March, taking in the largest amount of dates in NSW. Carmada also stop by WA and VIC briefly, with the whole tour wrapping up on 8 April.

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