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Calling All Cars Named In HuffPo's 'New Breed' Of Breaking Bands

21 July 2014 | 7:17 pm | Staff Writer

It's nice to see a little international recognition

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Britain-based veteran Huffington Post blogger Olly Hunter has singled out Melburnian expats and stalwart rockers Calling All Cars as one of two acts (alongside Brighton's Shrine) to lead the publication's New Breed series.

The fledgling series of articles is designed to "shine a light on some of the best bands" Hunter has seen "fulfil their role as gatekeepers of massive festivals and the best tours nationwide" over the year to date, which makes the now-Brighton-based Calling All Cars' early selection all the more impressive.

"On record the band have an anthemic radio bothering sound, yet live is where this three-piece are in their element," Hunter wrote of the trio, consisting of brothers Haydn and James Ing with good mate Adam Montgomery. "At Sonisphere they blew away the early morning punters, as they brought the riffs and a stage presence that captivates as the band clearly put their heart in to every minute of the set.

"As bands like Royal Blood and Lower Than Atlantis take a grip of the mainstream airwaves there is certainly a British market for their brand of accomplished modern rock and roll gaining momentum once more."

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It would seem the lads of Calling All Cars are rather chuffed with their recent relocation as well, with James — when asked about the difference between operating out of Australia and in the UK — telling Hunter: "There are far more people here. Everything is more dense; there is more of a rock community.

"Touring in a car in Australia, where all the cities are so far away, is, well... shit, but here you can be in six [or] seven towns and never have to worry about more than a three-hour drive."

"I've noticed each scene feels bigger," added Haydn. "In Australia it's quite cliquey; if something isn't in the scene right now, it's very hard."