Boomerang Festival Extends Crowdfunding Campaign

15 February 2016 | 1:17 pm | Staff Writer

There's plenty of time now.

Organisers of the Byron Bay-based indigenous arts and culture event, Boomerang Festival, have announced that its crowdfunding campaign has been extended to ensure it will go ahead in 2016.

An extra 60 days have been added on to the campaign with rewards for donations varying from a signed letter of appreciation from festival director Rhonda Roberts for a $25 donation, all the way to VIP tickets to Bluesfest 2016, private weaving workshops and more for a pledge of $1500.

"Without adequate funding, Boomerang must raise funds to grow into the stand alone festival, and a major contributor to the North NSW cultural landscape, tourism and economy, as well as a landmark event for Australia," a statement on the campaign page reads.

"NSW has the largest population of Aboriginal Australians than any other state in the country, and less fiscal support than other regions in the country. Ownership & pro-activeness with art & culture is key to empowerment and inclusion in our diverse society."

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