Bob Dylan Wrote An Unfinished Song For A Post Malone Collab

30 August 2023 | 12:59 pm | Mary Varvaris

Post Malone was reportedly "literally in tears" upon receiving the lyrics written by Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan & Post Malone

Bob Dylan & Post Malone (Source: Supplied, Adam De Gross)

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Producer Michael Cash has opened up about an idea that he had and the collaboration that could have been in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

The basic idea was hip-hop and other genre-diverse acts, such as Post Malone singing a song written by Bob Dylan. According to Cash, a representative for Bob Dylan, Jeff Rosen, said yes to the idea and handed over lyrics for a new song called Be Not Deceived.

Cash recalled seeing Post Malone – a massive fan of Bob Dylan – “literally in tears” upon receiving the lyrics.

“It [The song] was talking about a loss of innocence,” Cash explained. “And what people are going through — disfranchised, kind of leaderless masses of children with no parent or guardian or shepherd or anything. It talked about going out and making your own way. And when you read it, honestly, it’s poetry. It’s beautiful.”

Cash claimed that Malone reportedly had to leave the sessions halfway through the song's recording. “There was a bridge, there was a chorus. It just needed to be finished,” Cash said.

“[Rosen] heard the song – He liked it, and then everybody left the studio and it just got... Look, all I can tell you is it went from being something to be excited about to just turning into a circular, figure-eight pattern. Nobody had an answer,” Cash continued.

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“It just seems like nobody really managed expectations, and it just seems like nobody communicated. A really cool piece of music got made, and then it just got weird. It got really weird.”

Now, Cash is hoping that “Mr. Dylan and Mr. Rosen give back the right to use the lyrics” after Dylan’s team retracted the use of the lyrics following months of apparent inaction and miscommunication. Cash, sticking his neck out for Malone, added, “This is two really important musicians that I feel put the work in, and it needs to be shared.”

You can watch an older clip of Post Malone covering Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright below.

Post Malone will return to Australia this November and December on his If Y'all Weren’t Here, I’d Be Crying world tour.

Post Malone’s November and December Australian tour arrive in support of his fifth album, Austin, which he released on Friday, 28 July.

Earlier this year, Post Malone opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers in Australia. The Music praised his “warm vocal delivery, hot dance moves and worn AC/DC t-shirt” and added, “Confidence personified, Postie struts around the stage, striking flamboyant poses and getting up close to ecstatic fans in the front row.”