Blood Command’s Nikki Brumen Calls Out Alleged Sexual Assault At Concert

7 March 2023 | 10:52 am | Staff Writer
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"I was scared that some would say I ‘deserve’ to be treated this way."

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CONTENT WARNING: This article contains discussion of sexual assault. If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit

Norway’s Blood Command make thrilling pop-punk/emo music with nasty riffs, shout-along chants, the kind of energy we love from those sub-genres of music, and passionate vocals from singer Nikki Brumen.

Regrettably, we’re not sharing news about their music today, but an alleged sexual assault that occurred when Brumen jumped into the audience in Haugesund, Norway. 

“Around halfway through the set, I got on someone’s shoulders,” Brumen wrote on social media before alleging that someone behind her “took this as an opportunity to use their fingers to touch me.”

She added, “their fingers were pressed against me so hard that my shorts and underwear were pushed up inside of me.” At first, Brumen was unsure about what happened and wondered if this person tried to stop her from falling. However, there were witnesses, but they were “on the other side of the room and therefore couldn’t intervene.”

The alleged assault happened on Saturday, and it took a day for Brumen to address it, as she didn’t want to cause “drama and was worried no one would believe me.

“This is sadly the society we live in,” she continued. “I was also hesitant to talk about this issue as I am someone who uses my femininity and sexuality to reclaim my power as a woman on stage, so I was scared that some would say I ‘deserve’ to be treated this way.”

That is, quite frankly, bullshit, and Brumen agrees.

“No one ever has the right to touch someone without consent. Ever,” she wrote. “I am not asking for sympathy, I wanted to share this experience so hopefully this person is caught and can learn from this that unless it is consensual, it is always a no.”

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Blood Command released their brilliant new album, Praise Armaggedonism, in June last year. You can stream it here.

Recorded over three years, and re-recorded with their new vocalist Nikki Brumen (ex-Pagan), Praise Armageddonism is Blood Command at their best yet. A one-of-a-kind proposition, the death-pop group combine blistering riffs, a hardcore attitude, and pop sensibility to create truly scintillating, invigorating music. 

Blood Command have stepped up even further with their new album, with Brumen fiercely leading the way. Now with the celebrated UK label Hassle Records and with Brumen at the front, Blood Command's power and prestige only rises higher.