Blink-182 (Including Travis Barker) For Soundwave 2013

3 August 2012 | 9:52 am | Dan Condon

All three members will be in Australia next year, according to Soundwave's AJ Maddah.

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US pop-punk heroes Blink-182 have confirmed they will be playing Soundwave 2013, and, according to a tweet sent by festival director AJ Maddah overnight, all three members of the band will be present.

Rumours of a Blink-182 have circulated ever since the band reformed in 2009 and, with their new album Neighbourhoods released late last year, said rumours have heated up over the past 12 months. Undoubtedly the biggest stumbling block in getting the tour to eventuate, however, comes with drummer Travis Barker's fear of flying, which manifested after he was involved in a plane crash in August 2009, which killed four people.

A couple of months ago Barker all but confirmed that Blink-182 would be in the country for Soundwave, but that he wouldn't be joining them. This was followed up with comments indicating that he'd like to join his band mates and overcome his fear of flying. No details as to how he will get here as yet, but the overall outcome appears to be positive on that front.

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The band celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, though they haven't appeared in Australia since March 2004.

Edit: Correcting our original report, although Barker and DJ AM were taken to hospital in critical conditions following the 2009 plane crash, both survived. DJ AM - aka Adam Goldstein - died a year later from an accidental overdose, having been suffering from post-traumatic stress. Two passengers and two of Barker's colleagues - his assistant and bodyguard - died in the crash.