BLACKPINK Member Forced To Leave Mid-Concert In Melbourne Due To Health Concerns

12 June 2023 | 9:38 am | Emma Whines

"We will do our best to support Jennie so that she can recover as soon as possible. We ask for your understanding once again."


BLACKPINK (Supplied)

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K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK are currently touring Australia as part of their Born Pink world tour, hitting up the East coast for two sold-out shows in both Sydney and Melbourne. 

On Saturday night (June 10), BLACKPINK completed their first night in Melbourne, with fans raving about the show. However,  on the group's second night in Melbourne, main vocalist Jennie could not complete show and was forced to leave mid-performance (June 11th). 

Jennie was also absent from the soundcheck prior to the concert in order to get enough rest for the main show, as explained by Rose.

During the main event, Jennie was seen with a Band-Aid on her arm, which led fans to believe that she had received IV Therapy right before the show. 

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In the end, she made the decision to exit the stage during the last song of their third set. The other members explained to the fans and asked the crowd to chant in support for Jennie.

An outpouring of support for Jennie flooded social media, with some fans speculating that all of the girls have been working too hard.

One hoped that the group gets at least "2 month off after the encore" as "It's [touring] really taking a toll on their health."

Shortly after the concert, touring company YEG Entertainment released this statement on WeVerse:

"We would like to express our apologies to the fans who supported BLACKPINK and visited the site, and we ask for your understanding. Jennie showed her willingness to perform until the end, but she took immediate measures so that she could get enough rest on the recommendation of the medical staff at the scene."

They continued, "Jennie told her fans that she would recover quickly with a sorry that she couldn’t be with them until the end. We will do our best to support Jennie so that she can recover as soon as possible. We ask for your understanding once again. Thank you.”

It's unclear whether Jennie will be able to perform at the group's upcoming sold-out shows in Sydney (June 16th & 17th) or if she will remain missing from the lineup.